Now that our Project 5000 store is up and running we sure could use a
few canned food drives from our community to help keep the shelves
stocked.  If you are unfamiliar with our new Project 5000 setup this is
what we used to do in the past, we would give out prepackaged food bags once a month (enough to last 2 to 4 days) to the hungry in our community (Family's and Individuals).  The bag consisted of many non perishable foods such as canned food, mac & cheese, etc. (Never really knowing if they liked what we gave them).  Now we have a store design where they are able to pick the foods they like in order to cut down on waste and keep to our mission which is to provide for the nutritional needs of the poor and needy of our community in the context of compassion and affirmation of their human worth as children of God.  

If you can help out please email or call Penny Goethe at | 941-745-2992

Thank you in advance!

Project 5000